Participating in “Asian Insurance Meet 2023” held in Kathmandu

falia_admin 2023年06月19日 カテゴリー: activities

“Asian Insurance Meet 2023”, organized by the Nepal Insurance Authority in cooperation with IAIS and ADB, was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from June 8th to 10th, 2023. Mr. Yoshihisa Ishii, Director of FALIA, was invited to the conference and gave a presentation on how life insurance in Japan has developed in response to the changes in society. During the conference, more than 300 participants mainly from the insurance industry in Asian countries discussed lively and exchanged their opinions regarding the current challenges appearing in the insurance markets. On his way back to Japan, he stopped by Bangkok to pay a courtesy visit to The Thai Life Assurance Association.

The Thai Life Assurance Association

Making a courtesy visit to the insurance regulatory authorities in Thailand and Nepal

falia_admin 2023年05月2日 カテゴリー: activities

Members of FALIA made courtesy visits to the life insurance authorities in Thailand (Office of Insurance Commission) and Nepal (Nepal Insurance Authority) on April 24th and 27th respectively. The most significant challenges for the societies which the government should tackle in respective countries were discussed during the visits. Views on the challenges facing the life insurance industry in respective countries as well as Japan were exchanged which suggest the important seminar topics for FALIA to cover.

Nepal Insurance Authority

The Thai Life Assurance Association

Office of Insurance Commission, Thailand