Voice of Alumni: Video message contributed by a participant of the Digitalization in Individual Life Insurance Marketing Course in 2023

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Research: Conceptual framework of human well-being and its relation to Economic Growth and Globalization

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Research: Message from IPCC, Climate Change Impact on the Globe and Desirable Actions from Life Insurance Companies

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Research: Social Security System in Japan

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Report of “Risk Management Course” is uploaded.

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Report of “DX for Individual Life Insurance” Course is uploaded.

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Report of “Measures for the Aging Society” Course is uploaded.

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Lectures were held at International University of Japan.

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[Lectures at International University of Japan on February 28 and March 1, 2022]


February 28 (Mon.)  online via Zoom

Topic: FIN3020 Finance & Technology

“Working toward creating innovation in life insurance business” 

Guest Speaker: Mr. Ken Uehira, Manager of Dai-ichi Life Innovation Lab


March 1 (Tue.)  at the University

“Corporate Governance and Stewardship activities in Japan” 

Guest Lecturer: Mr. Masayuki Tanaka, Managing Director of FALIA






Announcement to invest in “The National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education Bonds (6th)”

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