2008. Jul. Asset Management Course

The 3rd seminar for fiscal year 2008 was held at the Dai-ichi Life Higashi-Totsuka Training Center from July 23 to July 29.
The followings are the number of participants and the topics discussed at the seminar.

Indonesia 2 Korea 5
Malaysia 1 Mongolia 1
Sri Lanka 2 Thailand 4
Turkey 1 Uzbekistan 3
Vietnam 1
( Total 20 )

Asset Management Course
Date Topics
Jul 23 (Wed.) Opening Ceremony
"Investment Activities at Life Insurance Industry and Asset Management"
24 (Thu.) "ALM Strategies for Life Insurers"
"Risk Control for Asset Management"
25 (Fri.) "Loan Business"
"Fixed Income Investment"
"Stock Investment"
28 (Mon.) "Alternative Investment"
"Essence of Asset Investment"
- Summary of the Training Session -
29 (Tue.) Free Discussion
Closing Ceremony