2008. Jun. Information Technology Course

The 2nd seminar for fiscal year 2008 was held at the Dai-ichi Life Higashi-Totsuka Training Center from June 18 to June 25.
The followings are the number of participants and the topics discussed at the seminar.

China 2 Indonesia 3
Korea 1 Malaysia 2
Philippines 1 Sri Lanka 4
Taiwan 2 Thailand 6
Turkey 1 Vietnam 1
( Total 23 )

Information Technology Course
Date Topics
Jun 18 (Wed.) Opening Ceremony
"Overview of Life Insurance Industry in Japan and Corporate Management Strategy"
19 (Thu.) "Basic IT Strategy based on IT Evolution and Changes in Life Insurance Business"
"IT Infrastructure & IT Sector Organization"
20 (Fri.) "Mobile Terminal for Sales Support and CRM"
"Call Center System"
Observation Tour of the Center
Opinion Time
23 (Mon.) "Structural Reform of Policy Administration System by IT"
Observation Tour of New Business and Claims Procedures
24 (Tue.) "System Risk Management"
"IT Investment Management supporting Efficient and Effective IT Strategies"
Opinion Time
25 (Wed.) Free Discussion
Closing Ceremony