2011. Nov. Product Development Strategy Course

The seminar for fiscal year 2011 was held at the Dai-ichi Life Higashi-Totsuka Training Center from November 7 to November 11.
The followings are the number of participants and the topics discussed at the seminar.

China 1 Indonesia 2
Korea 2 Malaysia 2
Philippines 2 Sri Lanka 3
Taiwan 2 Thailand 3
Turkey 1 Uzbekistan 2
( Total 20 )

Product Development Strategy Course
Date Topics
Nov 7 (Mon.) Opening Ceremony
"Overview of Life Insurance Industry in Japan"
"Corporate Management Strategy of a Life Insurance Co."
8 (Tue.) "Transition of Product Development responding to the Change of Management Environment"
"Product Strategy that supports Concept of Total Life Planning"
9 (Wed.) "Product Development and Control of Pricing Risk"
"Products and its Sales Strategy for Bancassurance"
10 (Thu.) "Product Strategy for the Corporate Market"
- Group Insurance Business
- Group Pension Insurance
"Direction of Product Development Strategy"
11 (Fri.) Free Discussion
Closing Ceremony