2012. Nov. Top Executives Seminar

The 3rd seminar for fiscal year 2012 was held at the Dai-ichi Life Higashi-Totsuka Training Center from Nov. 19 to Nov. 22.
The followings are the number of participants and the topics discussed at the seminar.

China 1 Indonesia 6
Philippines 1 Sri lanka 3
Taiwan 3 Thailand 1
Turkey 1 Uzbekistan 2
( Total 18 )

Top Executives Seminar
Date Topics
Nov 19 (Mon.) Opening Ceremony
“Overview of Life Insurance Industry in Japan”
“ERM in Life Insurance Industry and the Trends in Supervising for Japanese Life Insurance Companies”
20 (Tue.) “Corporate Management Strategy of a Life Insurance Co.”
“Products Development and Consulting in response to Changes in the Social Environment”
21 (Wed.) “Sales Strategy responding to the Environmental Changes”
“Asset Management Strategy from the Perspective of ALM”
22 (Thu.) “Main Points of IT Strategies at a Life Insurance Co.”
Closing Ceremony