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Site Policy

  1. This website (hereinafter called the Website) is operated by the Foundation for the Advancement of Life & Insurance Around the world (hereinafter called FALIA).
  2. In no event will FALIA be liable to the user for any loss or damage, or any trouble arising from the use of the content on the Website or any website linked to the Website, nor guarantee as to the accuracy of any content on the Website including the content of any website linked to the Website.
  3. FALIA reserves the right to modify the content on the Website at any time without prior notice to users.
  4. The copyright of all contents, images and photos on the Website is in principle restored to FALIA. Users may not divert or reproduce all or part of them without the prior written notice of FALIA.
  5. Any link to the Website must be immediately followed by notice to seminar@falia.jp. Prior notice is not required but FALIA may request to remove the link without any explanation. Links to the Website must be created to https://www.falia.or.jp/ as URL because FALIA may change the structure of directories or file names without any prior notice.
  6. Please recognize that the internet security for the information on the Website cannot be completely guaranteed though FALIA takes all possible measures for the safe control of those information.