Voice of Alumni

Viet Nam

Contributed on Sep. 13, 2021

Online Marketing Strategy for Individual Life Ins. Course
Participated in : 2021

I satisfy with the online seminar. I think it is suitable in current situation.
Thanks FALIA Team and all lecturers so much!
If possible, each subject should have a section about how the subject be relevant to the countries which participants come from. It is not necessary to present in details for each country, you can gather countries having same characteristics in group (Ex: South East Asia, East Asia, etc.)

Suggestion for future topics (Subjects) is Practice of Digital Marketing in Life Insurance

Contributed on July. 21, 2021

Online, Risk Management Course
Participated in : 2021

Suggestions you for future topics. (Subjects)
Implementation of Solvency II

Recommendations to improve
Materials and lectures for every topic are well-prepared, no need to be improved.
I think it would be better if there is Q&A session for each part of the lecture (as the ERM session by Mr. K) rather than the lecturers read through the whole topic then attendees ask or the lecturers answer submitted questions.

Contributed on Nov. 14, 2018

Risk Management Course
Participated in : 2018

I would like to give special thanks to FALIA and FALIA’s staffs for their supporting during time for my staying in Japan.