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FALIA will develop a human network of horizontal collaboration among insurance supervisors, associations and companies globally through its group training seminars.

FALIA's training program started in 1962, when Dai-ichi Life launched a life insurance training program for Asian countries as part of its social contribution initiatives to commemorate 60th year anniversary. Mr. Tsuneta Yano, the founder of Dai-ichi Life learned mutual life insurance philosophy from Gotha Life Insurance in Germany, and brought the idea back to Japan, made life insurance law as a public officer, and initiated the first mutual life business in Japan. Mr. Tsuneta Yano had warmed the idea to promote life insurance philosophy to Asian countries in turn.

After the establishment of FALIA in 1970, the number of participating countries, and participants have been steadily increasing as well as the number of seminars. In 1994, due to economic development of a lot of countries all over the world and requests from many life and non-life combined insurance companies in several countries, we expanded the scope of activities to covering outside of Asia and general insurance companies.

The seminars are basically scheduled for three to five times a year. The selection of participants is done through an open application process with an application period set for each training course. As of March 31, 2022, the total number of participants since the start of the program reached 4,135 from 32 countries/regions. In addition, we sometimes hold seminars in response to the requests from overseas insurance authorities or associations.

Besides the seminars held in Japan, we also hold overseas seminars every year. While seminars in Japan have limited capacity in terms of acceptable number of participants, overseas seminars have higher capacity in a short period of time, and the themes can be tailored to the demands of host countries.

Appreciation for FALIA Seminars

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Participation Total

Annual Schedule

■ Middle Management

7 days (Sep. 6 - Sep. 12 , 2023)

Digitalization in Individual Life Insurance Marketing

Current Situation of Digitalization in Individual Life Insurance Marketing

* Overview of Japan's Social Security System
* CX Design strategy of Insurance Industry in Japan
* Management strategy of Diichi Life
* Sales strategy of a Life Insurance Company with DX
* Transition of Product Development responding to the Change of Management Environment
* Policy service and DX in a Life Insurance Company
* Case Study
* (Products and its Sales) DX Strategy for Bancassurance
* (Product Development) DX Strategy for Independent Agents

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7 days (Oct. 25 - Oct. 31 , 2023)

Risk Management Course

Understanding of Enterprise Risk Management

* Management strategy of Diichi Life
* Enterprise Risk Management
* Product Development and Control of Pricing Risk
* Operational Risk Management
* Control Self Assessment
* Risk Management & Regulation
* Asset Liability Management
* Investment Risk Management

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  • Overseas

Overseas seminars are held in cooperation with the life insurance regulatory authorities or life insurance associations of respective countries, and theme that meets the demands of the partner country are decided through mutual discussion. Lecturers will be dispatched from insurance companies and insurance-related organizations to the countries to conduct 1- or 2-day seminars. If you are interested in a FALIA Overseas Seminar, please do not hesitate to contact us.